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When, however, sovereignty passed to the people, they assumed the attributes and the functions of that sovereignty. Where once the king's person and the king's dwelling, for example, had been declared to be inviolable, now (as in our Constitution) the people's persons and the people's dwellings are declared to be inviolable. And where once the king reserved the right to veto and to initiate legislation, so now (as again in our Constitution) the people reserve the right to veto and to initiate legislation. And this is the plain and simple meaning of the two instruments of the Referendum and the Initiative. Their effect is to shift sovereignty from the parliament to the people, where the revolutions of the 17th and 18th centuries shifted sovereignty from the king to the parliament. -- The Irish Constitution Explained, by Darrel Figgis, 1922

The presence, therefore, in our Constitution of both the Referendum and the Initiative is therefore a sign that the people of Ireland are to be rulers in their own house not merely as against foreign control, but as against the dominance of political parties.
-- The Irish Constitution Explained, by Darrel Figgis, 1922

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CIR gives You the Voter, the POWER to Gather Signatures and Force a Binding Referendum Against the Will of the Irish Government and the European Commission on any LAW that You Find Oppressive to your Freedom, your Happiness and your Wallet.

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